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Employees can choose to receive a paper W-2 form through the U.S. Mail or obtain it online. Online W-2 forms will be available January of every year. The first available calendar year for online W-2 forms is 2013. W-2 forms prior to 2013 are not available online.

Contact your Human Resources and/or Payroll Office.

Access to Employee Self-Service, including personal information, pay data, benefits, W-2 forms, and Time & Labor is inactivated when you terminate or retire. You may need to contact your Human Resource or Payroll Office to print your final pay data. W-2 forms are printed and mailed to employees who worked during the year but are not active employees at the time W-2s are generated for the year.

No, election poll-worker payments are made through the State's financial system, not the payroll system. Therefore, they cannot be viewed through Employee Self-Service.

In prior years, the election poll-worker earnings were added to employee's State wages and reported on a single W-2. Beginning with the W-2 for calendar year 2013, State employees who also receive payments as election poll-workers, will receive a separate paper W-2 via the U.S. mail for just the election poll-worker payments.

If you choose (consent) to stop receiving paper a W-2 for your State employee earnings, you will still get a paper W-2 for your election poll-worker payments. If you do not choose to stop receiving paper W-2's for your State employee earnings, you will receive two printed W-2's via U.S. mail. Employees must report the earnings from both W-2s when filing annual taxes.