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Online W-2 forms will be available January of every year. The first available calendar year for online W-2 forms is 2013. W-2 forms prior to 2013 are not available online.

Contact your Human Resources and/or Payroll Office.

Employees terminated on or after 1/10/2019 will retain access to Employee Self Service to view pay data, 1095-C forms for tax year 2016 and greater, and W-2s for tax year 2013 and greater. Employees terminated before this date with no active jobs in the State of Delaware will not have access to Employee Self Service. You may need to contact your Human Resource or Payroll Office to print your final pay data.

No, election poll-worker payments are made through the State's financial system, not the payroll system. Therefore, they cannot be viewed through Employee Self-Service.

In prior years, the election poll-worker earnings were added to employee's State wages and reported on a single W-2. Beginning with the W-2 for calendar year 2013, State employees who also receive payments as election poll-workers, will receive a separate paper W-2 via the U.S. mail for just the election poll-worker payments.

If you choose (consent) to stop receiving paper a W-2 for your State employee earnings, you will still get a paper W-2 for your election poll-worker payments. If you do not choose to stop receiving paper W-2's for your State employee earnings, you will receive two printed W-2's via U.S. mail. Employees must report the earnings from both W-2s when filing annual taxes.