PHRST Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service is a secure online website, available through, for State Employees to update and view personal information such as Home and Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, W-2 Form, Emergency Contacts, Email Address, Ethnicity and Disability.

Employees can also view Pay and Benefits information, make Benefit changes during the annual Open Enrollment, complete the Spousal Coordination of Benefits (SCOB) Form, and, for Time & Labor Organizations, view Leave Balances and/or enter their own time into Time & Labor.

Reminder: When completing an Employee Self Service session, it is important that employees log out of Employee Self Service and close all internet browser tabs; especially when using shared devices.


2024 Open Enrollment (May 1 - 17, 2024) is Closed

As a reminder if you have not done so yet, review your benefit selections to make sure they are correct for the new plan year beginning July 1, 2024. If you have questions or notice an error in your selections, you must outreach to the appropriate contact noted below before 12:00pm on Friday, May 24, 2024 for assistance. Note: If you reached out to your organization’s Human Resource/Benefits Office during Open Enrollment with issues that are still not resolved, please continue to work with your organization’s Human Resource/Benefits Office.

  • Health, State Dental, and State Vision Plan Selections: Review the Benefits Summary page in Employee Self-Service through (select the button below - “Access Employee Self-Service through”). Page four of the Open Enrollment Self-Service Guide  provides step-by-step instructions on how to access and view the Benefits Summary page for selections effective 07/01/2024. Have questions or notice an error? Contact your organization’s Human Resources/Benefits Office.

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plan Selections: If applicable, review your copy of the ASIFlex enrollment confirmation that you saved during Open Enrollment. Have questions or notice an error? Contact the Statewide Benefits Office (SBO) at 1-800-489-8933 or Note: By the week of May 27, 2024, FSA selections for the new plan year will be displayed in the Benefits Summary page of Employee Self-Service through Prior to that, employees’ current selections for the FY24 FSA plan year will be displayed.

  • Accident & Critical Illness Insurance and State Group Universal Life (GUL) Insurance Selections: If applicable, review your selections via the confirmation email sent to you by Securian or by logging onto the home page of Securian Financial’s website (view page one of the Open Enrollment Self-Service Guide  for instructions on how to access the Securian website). Have questions or notice an error? Contact Securian Financial’s Customer Service line at 1-877-215-1489. Note: Accident & Critical Illness Insurance & State GUL selections are not viewable on the Benefits Summary page within Employee Self-Service through

If You Need to Unlock Your Account or Reset Your Password

On the sign in page of below the blue Sign in button, click either “Forgot password?” or “Unlock account?” and follow the prompts.

State of Delaware Users

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eSTAR Users

Select a button below to log in to or, then choose the appropriate eSTAR tile. To view paycheck, W-2, and other self-service functions, choose the Employee Self-Service tile in