PHRST Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service is a secure online website, available through, for State Employees to update and view personal information such as Home and Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, W-2 Form, Emergency Contacts, Email Address, Ethnicity and Disability.

Employees can also view Pay and Benefits information, make Benefit changes during the annual Open Enrollment, and, for Time & Labor Organizations, view Leave Balances and/or enter their own time into Time & Labor.

Reminder: When completing an Employee Self Service session, it is important that employees log out of Employee Self Service and close all internet browser tabs; especially when using shared devices.


W-2 Review

A W-2 Training Presentation has been placed on the Employee Self Service Website. This presentation will explain:

  • How you can sign up to receive your W-2 form electronically

  • How to access your W-2 form

  • How to understand the data listed on the W-2 form

For more information, click here to access the W-2 FAQs.

If You Need to Unlock Your Account or Reset Your Password

On the sign in page of below the blue Sign in button, click either “Forgot password?” or “Unlock account?” and follow the prompts.

State of Delaware Users

Select the button below to access Employee Self-Service.

Access Employee Self-Service

eSTAR Users

Select a button below to log in to or, then choose the appropriate eSTAR tile. To view paycheck, W-2, and other self-service functions, choose the Employee Self-Service tile in